Waterbody that was turned into residential plot retrieved after 3 decades

Waterbody that was turned into residential plot retrieved after 3 decades

A casual enquiry during a routine inspection at a village by Sivakasi Sub-Collector C. Dinesh Kumar, a few months back and subsequent follow up action has now helped retrieve 82 cents of Government land near Srivilliputtur.

When Mr. Dinesh Kumar inspected Athikulam Sengulam village in Srivilliputtur Taluk, he saw a layout of residential plots. Though a village register showed that it was an oorani, he was told that the layout was on a patta land.

However, when he checked the village map and updated register A, it revealed that the 82 cents of land was very much a waterbody.

The Sub-Collector summoned the present land owner and verified his documents that revealed that the land had been illegally given patta in 1990.

Subsequently, it was bought by the present owner, who had filled up the waterbody and made a layout.

“Legal proceedings were initiated and the patta has been cancelled. The Government has taken over the land,” Mr. Dinesh Kumar said.

Stating that the local people have come forward to restore the waterbody on the site, he said the work on digging the oorani started on Friday.

“We have planned to strengthen the bunds and provide a walkers path around the oorani. Neem, palm and marudu trees would be planted to make the area more useful for the local people,” the Sub-Collector said. The inspection helped in retrieval of a land that has a market value of around ₹3 crore.

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